Updating perl cpan

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I installed Ubuntu earlier this weekend and had to install an updated version of perl(5.22.0) for a script I'm using.

However when I used CPAN to install the modules I needed I found out that they got installed in Ubuntu's default perl(5.18.2).

Invoke the CPAN shell by entering the following command at a system shell prompt: followed by a number of questions.

For each question, the default answer is typically fine, but you may answer otherwise if you know that the default setting is wrong or not optimal.

To test whether you already have LWP installed: If you have never used the CPAN shell, you will need to configure it before you can use it.

It will prompt you for some information before building its configuration file.

Under one or more of these directories should be installation that is neither quite 5.18.2 nor quite 5.22.0.

If you [decide to] follow my "recommended best practice" [see below], you may wish to uninstall 5.22.0 so you have a stock/standard 5.18.2 installation.

If your distribution does not package bioperl, or if for some reason you prefer to install it from source, then continue reading.

Not all the CPAN libraries can be found on your CD/DVD or in the official distribution package repositories.

But there are many additional repositories that carries nearly all the CPAN libraries. Dag Wieers has all the RPMs you will ever need for CPAN libs for the Red Hat/Fedora/Centos family.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PRELIMINARY PREPARATION These are optional, but regardless of your subsequent choice of installation method, it will help to carry out the following steps.

They will increase the likelihood of installation success (especially of the optional dependencies).

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